About Us.

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About Us.

As you can see as well as offering you all the models in the MINI range, we can help you to finance your adventures, insure against the unknown and dress in the latest MINI Stuff. So what more could you want? Well, in this section you'll find out more about what makes us tick; our latest news, our team and a gallery of our events.

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Our Star Ratings

  • "I do feel that there was over selling of the vehicle insurances."
    "Adam was extremely helpful and friendly, without ever being pushy. I had complete confidence in him."
  • "I have lost faith in the service provided. I now question whether the first oil leak really was from the engine sump gasket and that the leak was from the gearbox sump all along."
    "When I phoned in they said it would take 2 hours; it took 4 hours."
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